Windows 10 disk 100% quick fix batch script .cmd diagTrack

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    Windows 10 disk 100% quick fix batch script .cmd diagTrack

    A lot of friends on Windows 10 constantly have disk at 100%
    The main culprit is the service diagTrack (microsoft tracking) which is really not needed .

    To see what data microsoft is collecting via this service head over to:
    and check out the whitelists etc ... (Yes you can edit these to be blank but you need to grant yourself folder permissions)

    There is others such as superfetch etc that get the disk percentage up high ... but they are more useful. Where as diagTrack is pointless for a user.

    It is easy enough to turn off in services, however as soon as windows updates it will get turned back on.

    So I created a quick script to help them fix it without them having to "struggle" looking through services.

    Create a .txt file
    edit it and put the following lines in it:
    sc config "DiagTrack" start= disabled
    sc stop "DiagTrack"
    save it and rename it to fix.cmd (you may need to change view settings to view extension names)

    Then any time they need to use it after windows does an update simply right click on it and run as administrator.