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    Hello Friends i need some help that im facing the problem in registration.php .when i click thet i cant able to register there

    i just seeing this only

    1. You may not create more than one account, if you have more than one site you still can register them using the same account.
    2. The link to our service should be in the same page as the page you registered here.
    3. We will check all submitted sites in our directory if we cant find a link back here we will delete your site without notice.
    4. The contents of your site should match the description and the category you register here.
    5. We have zero tolerence against cheating, so don't try.
    6. You can't register more than page for each domain.
    7. Any violation of the rules will have your account terminated.
    8. You must send us two hits before we show the link to your site.

    How to fix this

    try script