Simple FFMPEG & PHP Compiling Tutorial

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    Simple FFMPEG & PHP Compiling Tutorial

    Many of us faces a problem while installing ffmpeg and compiling it wilt php. here is a very simple and quickest tutorial to help u compile ur php and install ffmpeg in few minutes.

    Warnings ::
    1. Donot login to ur ssh while compiling php. if u r logged in logout immediately.
    2. Compile Php first than install ffmpeg.

    Steps ::
    1. Login to ur WHM
    2. Search for "easyapache"
    3. Click "Start customising based on profile"
    4. Select ur apache version & click Next step (Mostly its Apache 2.2)
    5. Tick PHP 5 and click Next Step (Default is PHP 5 For all servers)
    6. Select ur server's php version and click next (Default version is 5.2.17)
    7. Scroll down and click "Exhaustive Options List"
    8. Scroll down and look for "GD" & Tick it and then click "Save and Build"
    9. On finishing building it will display a pop up window. Click "Save New Configuration" in it.

    Compiling part finished now comes ffmpeg installation

    10. Login to ur ssh via root acess
    11. Use this command & hit enter "cd /usr/src/" (Enter into installation directory)
    12. Use this command & hit enter "wget" (Downloading FFMPEG & Other usefull modules)
    13. Use this command & hit enter "tar -xzvf ffmpeginstall.3.2.1.tar.gz" (Extracting the downloaded installation folder)
    14. Use this command & hit enter "cd ffmpeginstall.3.2.1" (Entering the installation folder)
    15. Use this command & hit enter "./" (Running setup file)
    16. Installation will ask u to press any key now.
    17. Installation will ask u for php directory use this path as it is "/usr/local/lib/php.ini"
    18. Installation will finish in 10 to 15 minutes. after installation finished reboot ur server by using command "reboot"

    Next time when ur server will be running it will be running with all vital modules installed in it including ffmpeg.
    This is the simplest tutorial for ffmpeg installation. if u face any issue knock me i will install it on ur server FREE.

    plz install it to my server


      Originally posted by KingOfDarkNess View Post
      plz install it to my server
      why dont you even try by your self ?
      and when(IF) you face problem, then ask for help ?
      you could learn a lot that way...
      dont be just lazy beggar
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        make[1]: *** [vo_ivtv.o] Error 1
        make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/ffmpegscript/MPlayer-1.0rc1/libvo'
        make: *** [libvo/libvo.a] Error 2
        cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/cpffmpeg/etc/mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory
        Installation of MPlayer-1.0rc1.tar.bz2 ....... Completed

        Mplayer installation Failed , please visit the forum
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          Same Problem

          I am getting the same error when i try to install it as well. What is the best thing to do in order to have a complete installation?