How to increase Alexa traffic rank?

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    How to increase Alexa traffic rank?


    does anybody has knowledge/experience how to increase Alexa traffic rank? High Alexa rank is important when searching for big partners, etc, because they make first impression from Alexa.
    Our wap builder Wapego -wap/mobile site builder/wap creator generates 600 mln. pageviews monthly, but Alexa rank is funny. I thought it's because Alexa is not good at measuring mobile users. But we installed Alexa code in some other our own projects. And for example mobile site has much better Alexa rank, despite a fact that we know that MoboFree have many times less traffic in comparison with Wapego (as MoboFree is our project also).

    Of course we can always send google analytics stats to our partners just to prove we are big, but it's a little bit annoying when after first contact we get a reply "sorry we checked your info and we don't work with such small sites". And we get such replies from sites who are 100 times smaller than Wapego
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    bro just add any alexa counter or review code on your page and see whats happened in few days to your ranking..
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      Install There Toolbar in Your Browser and promt ur users to do so and Be online with that Browser as much as u can .Also install some widgets they provide . Also You Can Buy There Premium Membership and Your site Rank will go down daily. Get Some Real Traffic too ! And Oh Yes Dont forget To Claim Your site ;)


        As far i know alexa collect Data Only from alexa toolbars. ;)


          ok so i can tell you why your site has a very low traffic rank on

          Keep in mind that is a single domain website and therefore all traffic goes to or

          Now on the other hand why has very high traffic rank is because they are a single domain website as opposed to xtgem which gives other domain options.

          So wapego case is that

          is has many domain options for users
, etc

          So the total 600 Mln traffic is not going to, but it spreads across all these platforms(domains), therefore it does not count all traffic for


            alexa rank is pointless


              Originally posted by Raphael View Post
              alexa rank is pointless
              This discussion is not about pointless it or not, precise or not.
              I am not using to measure my traffic. My traffic is measured with GA.

              The problem is that many many professionals - even those from serious companies - for some reason are tended to make primary decisions based on Alexa rank. And it makes our marketing work complicated. I have project with huge traffic (600 mln. pageviews monthly), but when I approach some possible partners, big part of them says "or no, you are too small, we do not work with so small projects". Despite a fact that those possible partners are 100 times smaller than us. And when I ask how did they make such conclusion - answer is always the same - "your Alexa rank is sooo low". Of course we always can send GA screenshots and do so, but it's a waste of our time and it annoys a little bit.


                alexa is not for ranking mobile sites..

                You can Check alexa rankings for last 10 days at

                Alexa Top 1 Million Sites Rank, TOP 1,000,000 DOMAINS

       have only < 1million ranked sites


                Alexa Rank list of Last 10 Days for
                Alexa Rank list of Last 10 Days for

                just to Check and compare Alexa Progress ;)


                  i wouldnt take much notice of alexa, i have several websites online and funny enough some of my sites with low traffic are getting better results than me busy sites.


                    How to increas Alexa traffic rank

                    If you want to increase alexa rank so i think alexaboostup is the best tool for increase your ranking try it.