Adtoapp will double your mobile app revenues!

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    Adtoapp will double your mobile app revenues!

    Hello colleagues! We are the developers team which does advertising automation for more than 8 years.

    We’d like to share this awesome product with you:
    Adtoapp – automediation of the next generation. This service allows you to double the current advertising revenues of your mobile application/game.

    Our advantages:
    • ·One SDK, one office, one contract.
    • ·100% Fillrate and maximum eCPM.
    • ·All international and local suppliers: Admob, Unity, Adcolony, Vungle, Applovin, Mopub, Chartboost, myTarget, Yandex and others.
    • ·Automediation. Every 3 hours for each of the 180 countries we will automatically sort the networks by revenues.
    • ·Advertising accounts socio-demographic data (different waterfalls by age and sex).
    • ·RTB-aggregator to achieve better revenues in poor countries.
    • ·We are not an ad network. We do not have our own advertising inventory and therefore we will not give priority to certain advertisers.
    • ·All formats: banners, interstitials, video, rewarded and native advertising.
    • ·AdtoApp supports the most popular frameworks: Unity, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Adobe Air, Phone gap, Corona, Xamarin.
    • ·The fastest payouts on the market - at the beginning of next month.
    • ·House Ads for cross-promotions.
    • ·Also ... Simple integration, user-friendly interface, 24x7 support.

    Our specialists will give you a free audit of your current app monetization: pick the correct format, prompt new ideas. Send email to
    The home page has an income calculator. Enter your country, the platform and audience volume. We will show you how much you will be earning.

    Sign up and start earning for real!
    P.S. If someone hasn’t seen this yet - we have released a free mobile marketing book for mobile games and applications Download and have a nice and productive read