need a guidance to replace bulk mp3 id tags

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    need a guidance to replace bulk mp3 id tags

    i need a help how to bulk replace mp3 id3 tags from getid3 script in a specific folder

    root host specific folder name = mp3 ( all mp3 will store in this folder)

    You could try and use:

    PHP Code:

    // store a list of files inside a given folder
    $mp3_files array_diff(scandir('/path/to/mp3/folder'), array('..''.'));

    // loop through each file that was found
    foreach($mp3_files as $file){
    // do your bulk replace on file here...


      bro can you send me full php mp3 id edit script.

      mp3 file location is ../system/mp3/

      i want to remove all tags and replace with my own tags


        I don't have a script on hand that can do bulk editing of idv3 tags but it should be relatively easy to create one.

        There seems to be a nice library on GitHub:

        I'll see what I can do.


          ayesham I've attached a sample script that will look inside a `/mp3` folder and replace the idv3 tag. I created this using the library I mentioned above and some sample code that was provided so its a quick and very dirty implementation since I didn't have much time.

          You'll also see the following in index.php

          PHP Code:
          // populate data array
          $tag_data = [
          'title' => ['My Song'],
          'artist' => ['The Artist'],
          'album' => ['Greatest Hits'],
          'year' => ['2004'],
          'genre' => ['Rock'],
          'comment' => ['excellent!'],
          'track' => ['04/16'],
          You can replace those with your own tags. Hope it helps.
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            thanks bro it woks well