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    Topic Rules And Helpful Tips

    This is to stop others posting about there hosting....

    1. if you a hoster want to sell hosting one post will do you "can update it at any time!"
    2. if some one else post there own hosting and you post in theres it will be deleted!!
    3. some one ask for support its for hosting Topic you may post in there with 100% pins
    4. if ya like any help in hosting you can ask this guys Gumslone , subzero, ask we know around a cpanel well

    This is fair to others ok and easy to sell and also sellers let them pick who they want to host with not push them into it ok!!

    In order to help you avoid getting scammed by the unscrupulous web hosts that do exist, we have tried to put together the 'tricks' used by such companies to try to grab your money:

    No contact info (email, telephone, etc.)

    Some web hosts simply make it impossible to contact them by any means possible. Call your web hosting company, simply having only a email address is a sign of a fly-by-night operation.

    Long term contracts only

    While cheaper plans may warrant an annual only plan, some web hosts provide annual service exclusively. There is no guarantee that even though you have paid them for 12 months that you will get 12 months of web hosting service. Please try to avoid long term contracts greater than 12 months of service.

    Domain name registration in the webhost's name

    Some web hosts offer to register your domain for you, legally register the domain in their own name! Therefore, if you try moving your domain, you will lose the domain because it was done in their name. This is a web hosting scam that we hope is quickly going away, but watch out for it.

    No Money Back Guarantee

    Every respectable web host company offers a money back guarantee (30 day minimum)

    Complicated uptime warranty

    Some web hosts hide behind their Terms of Service with complicated uptime guarantees such as the customer must report the downtime.
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    Info & Tips

    And if you want to advertise you hosting company here for long time, dont forget to link back to from your hosting site, else we will delete your topics after short period of time.
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      Remember, what sounds to good normally is!

      All FREE hosting topics that feel to be a scam will be closed..

      sorry but i'm only trying to stop the scamming whats going on.. i was done over a while back when i first started,
      i don;t want others to get done over too!