[TuT]Creating A Website With PHP & MySql

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    [TuT]Creating A Website With PHP & MySql

    Hello everyOne... This is Santanu aka Wap-Ruler

    Ppl Often ask how to creat a site with php... so this tutorial is for them who are starting with php

    In This tutorial i am going to describe step by step description Of making a total site using php and mysql

    Step 1-Getting a Domain

    So First u need a domain by which your website will be named... like php4m.net... If u want extentions like .net,.com,.in or .org you have to pay money for it
    The Other option you have in ur hand is to register a free domain... You cn hav This free domains in Cu.Cc or in Co.Cc
    That means yoursite is going to have a an extension like .cu.cc or .co.cc.... Suppose you have chosed Cu.Cc and the registered domain name is Yoursite.cu.cc
    Now you have done... You have your own domain..

    Step 2-Getting A Host

    So now u have a domain all u need to do in the next step is to have a host for ur sites php scripts and contents... & of course the Mysql will be in d host.
    You cn buy hosting or you cn have a free one from many sites... Search in Google for it.
    In this tut i am going to use Byethost.... Just go to their web & create a account for free.

    Step 3-Connecting Domain With Host

    In This step you have to connect your host to ur domain. How? Yes i am telling it in next few lines... Once u hav a domain name & a hosting acnt u 1st login to the cpanel of the host.. There
    You cn find a option named Addon Domains... Go for it... what do u c? A field to enter ur domain name??? Yes add ur domain name yoursite.cu.cc there.Done !!! Nope another more step is needed to connect it with d domain.
    Now Go to ur domain account.Click on manage domains... u find Nameservers thats it!!!! Click there. Now what u need to do is add nameserver of ur host in ur domain.... whr do i find this nameservers???
    Hmmm u cn find them at the time u add ur domain name in addon domains... In many cases its like this ns1.yourhosting.whatever & ns2.yourhosting.whatever This is just an example so if i am using byet host than this nameservers r ns1.byethost.com & ns2.byethost.com
    .... Done!!!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooo.... Now ur domain is connected... u cn chq if its connected or not by opening ur sitelink... There would b written something like Index Of/ Or something else if its connected... and if its nt connected u will get a Server Not Found error....

    Step 4-Uploading PHP Script to host

    So ur host is ready to use... Use file maneger there.... Click on yoursite.cu.cc Folder or if u r using any other host find public_html folder there.
    Upload ur php script.... Now Open ur site..... What Happened????? Sad Its nt okey ri8... What it says?? X Couldnt connect to database or a lot of errors shuld b there.

    Step 5-Creating MySql Database

    Not to worry much... Come back 2 ur hosting cpanel again... U find MySql Database There... Go for it.
    Create a new Mysql database..... suppose its name is yoursite_newdb Password Is mypasss Database user is suppose Wap-Ruler and hostname is yoursite.hostname.com.
    You cn find the hostname in cpanel... If cant chq the registratn email recieved by u or else ask for help to hosting providors.

    Step 6-Connecting MySql with PHP Script

    Next step is to connect ur PHP Script with ur database.Take a look in ur PHP Script is there a config.php file... Yes Open it...!!! Add ur database information like Database Name,Database Username,Password,Hostname bla bla & Upload it back to ur server's public_html.

    Step 7-Running Sql Quary

    Now At last ur site will b ready after this step... In ur script there should b a text file that's format is SQL... what u need to do is run this into PhpMyAdmin... whats that??? its a space to run ur mysql quarys... Its in ur hosting Cpanel click PHPMyadmin then u cn run sql quary in 2 methods.
    1st : in phpmyadmin select the database first then click Import.. then upload ur sql file.
    or 2nd : Copy the text inside the sql file and paste it to SQL box in phpmyadmin and click GO....

    Thats it all ur sql tables are imported.

    Yor Site Is Ready to Explore... I have tried my best to make this tutorial a simple one if u still have any question Post it here...
    Give a Thanks if it is helpfull to u. Thank U Very Much For Reading.

    This took me an hour to write so comments are welcome.!
    ImPoSsIbLe iS nOthInG aS ImPoSsible ItSelF SaYs "I M POSSIBLE"

    nice tut for newbies who keep asking silly questions!! good work