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  • Base64? decoding help needed

    Hi there, i got some android quotes app, and took the database out of it. The developer has tried to hide the database and saved it as a JPG file, ok i was able to access the file and read the database, but then i found that the quote texts were encoded, it looks like base64, but trying to decode it with base 64 gave me some strange not readable output. I plan to use the database for my private setup.
    Anyone can decode this code to a human readable strings?

    ncBmI/yrdtTCyXlZzoet+AtP70LcoWWEO6D6hG71nAGX9OGqFXOubMS6x19ymvK1riZ795+1/rgE 6pO9DPa32+gcYER3OHoe7pQYZgxVfCW2lMwogrVb016V/2Syl3lilM8qaLL/vZ/qVTJcKKDPfown 978b0XHKvybI+J7H4fw=
    SX8q8slUVUJJQIf7g74r0Hr78SxJtEcW/fq22SRiE0iugr41/pCUbDpCVCminOzYvQ4P3D5HTJp3 T+icXh+FDP4QBs42jtI8qVGq97r/vua9gLnLZ6x1vvHVs5qCtzu1td2ufl2bNmUDvCqcLKovjXxf 3JSp9BFCkGBmtq3+awLUgkaX4u7slQkoZWVAgFNW4neLLDa+wwKi5Yl8+3i5GOU8/BeokVSN59JM 9LPps4GrwtA54k+RwS1SnF3wGsw2AI2dwN2Yj8lkWazxNarXJKy2AYDuISHtM+pR8lS46ZS0Fp7c 7wSGfoTvLQarLEkGqMxcywO2e72Qfk0xi1iIRXMKxOAigSDinOGukme4GX5kUg8aJYzQ0rVapEWn YGl2KvXZChhVFZ1ORXoFTAgVSri2VXhzEWl7ba653bj3J6M=
    rename zip to .db its a sqlite database
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    At a guess I would say it is Base64/ECC so you will probably need a key for decryption.

    Try decompiling the apk to see if you can find the encryption method used in the java files.


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      I just got another qoutes app where the database was not encoded as an alternate solution, using the qoutes database in my informaer screen
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