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  • Showcase your Android Apps + Rate & Review

    Hello Guys,

    I recently started putting more effort in building + publishing android apps, so far I don't really have any published, but I should be publishing a few within the coming months.

    I just wanted to start a topic where developers/wapmasters can show case their Android Apps by providing the Google Play link to it. And we all can review + rate each other's APPS.

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    what type of apps? gaming app will be awesome.


    • #3
      All apps are welcome, including games.


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        Well, I just released a Audio Recording App.. nothing major but I am just getting in the game so I decided to do something simple. Please download, and leave a 5 Star comment on Google Play, thanks in advance


        • GumSlone
          GumSlone commented
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          any tutorials how you created it?

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        Hey man. I pretty much used for class references on the tools I want to use, such as MediaPlayer class. If you use Whatsapp Orr Skype, add me; I will be interested in using adTwirl to advertise as well.