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  • Chat room help

    hey guys i need some help i am trying to get a code for my php site chat.php that will allow you to next pages in the chatroom to view old messages and also allow the message to stay in long enough it's the basic chat.php file can anyone help? just trying to get a code like to limit the chat history to about 3 pages 10 posts on a page and after that it will be deleted can anyone give a idea?
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    u mean a chat history?
    u need before block the fuction who delete messages after some days.. (i think is into core.php file)


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      yeh bro i understand what you're saying but the most important part for me is how to i incorporate next and previous page in chat.php??


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        needs to show chat code first thats showing messages then pagination canbe added how we know what it is coded in mysql mysqli pdo custom db class


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          Share the code inside your chat.php