Imgshot Image sharing script multiserver function.

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  • Imgshot Image sharing script multiserver function.

    Hi,I want to create a image sharing site. so i find a script named "imgshot" which fulfill all my requirement.But there is a problem in multiserver fuction. suppose,my main domain is so i host this domain on a shared hosting like hostgator or namecheap hosting.but all files,which user upload on on will be store on a remote server. like randomly. suppose is a vps server hosted on and is hosted on this will make my main site faster and my server1 and server2 will be faster if i just use these vps box for data store only on nginx. But the Real problem is 2 kind. one is my vps will be on nginx (i love nginx). so i dont use ftp port 21,and i use sftp 22 port because of security. the second problem is,if i able to create connection with remote server via ftp,the script just create folder on the remote server but not upload the picture.
    so i need help to modify this script a little bit.i will be happy to donate some money.
    1.i need to change the login type of ftp port from 21 to 22.
    2.i need to make the script workable for upload files to multiserver via ftp.
    thats it.i upload the whole script here.
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