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Install Plesk on Debian Lenny

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  • Install Plesk on Debian Lenny

    im in Tutorial mood :D
    in this Tutorial i will explain how to install Plesk on debian lenny 32 or 64 bit System

    first we get the Auto Installer

    wget http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/PPP9/Debian5.0/parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_i386   ( 32bit Version )
    wget http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/PPP9/Debian5.0/parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_x86_64 ( 64bit Version )
    next we give the installer rights

    chmod 777 parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_i386   ( 32bit Version )
    chmod 777 parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_x86_64 ( 64bit Version )
    Lets start:

    ./parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_i386   ( 32bit Version )
    ./parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_x86_64 ( 64bit Version )
    The Questions are easy to answer depending on what you need
    Now sit back and wait it can take quite a while,
    when it is done you can log on to http://yourdomain.com:8443 with user admin and password setup