The page isn't redirecting properly -Server Issue

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  • The page isn't redirecting properly -Server Issue

    I am using a centos server with plesk panel.Whenever run a sms script i got this message on browser The page isn't redirecting properly. I think it is a server issue. i am running it on FastCGi platform.How can i fix this bug.Help me

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    It seems like your page is redirecting back you to the same page i.e, login page, that's why you got this error. Try to check your coding once again where the page is redirecting you?

    Open Fiddler (download) and look at requests, you will find some count of HTTP redirects, then browser will stop and show such messages. You need debug your application, maybe this is some cross redirects, custom return url logic or anything else, without code it's hard to understand what is going on.


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      it seems url/path for redirection is not correct or maybe its in redirection loop.