VPS on a Centos 7 with LEMP stack

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  • VPS on a Centos 7 with LEMP stack

    Hi,I am using a vps on centos 7 with nginx,mariadb,php-fpm and phpmyadmin installed.i configure everything to point my domain and its working.but when i try to install a laraval script,its failed.then i try a simple php curl script which working well on all server.even on the same sever with webmin,the script working well.i but i dont want to use any control panel because they use almost 5x more memory.so when i try to use a php script,its showing half of php code in browser as text.i tried many thing and tutorial,but noting helps me.can anybody tell me why this happen and what i have to do now?
    my site (temporary for observation) http://faceur.com