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  • social engine 3.15 nu***d script

    SocialEngine 3.15 NU***D *NEW*

    What is SocialEngine?
    SocialEngine is a PHP script that creates a social network on your website. Right out of the box, your social network will offer nearly all of the features found on today's popular social networking sites.

    1. admin/admin_home.php - Added statistics reporting (see install or upgrade script notice)
    2. include/class_actions.php - Changes to prevent problems caused by corrupted action types
    3. include/class_admin.php - Fixed admin editing bug
    4. include/class_field.php - Added some additional error suppression; fixed bug with required dependent fields
    5. include/class_comment.php - Fixed newline handling issue
    6. include/class_database.php - Added change to prevent problems on some MySQL5 servers
    7. include/class_user.php - Adjusted session cookie settings
    8. include/js/class_comments.js - Fixed bug with group/event media comments
    9. include/js/class_user.js - Fixed bug with notification cookies that would occasionally cause it to not be displayed
    10. include/js/core-min.js - Fixed bug with group/event media comments
    11. include/session/session.php - Adjusted session cookie settings
    12. templates/home.tpl - Fixed bug preventing usage of "Remember Me" when logging in through the home page
    13. templates/profile.tpl - Fixed reporting bug
    14. templates/profile_photos_file.tpl - Fixed reporting bug


    :: OUR DEMO ::

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    nice thanks for share


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      Nice share tanx


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        here is another demo: Сусіди.com - Соціальна мережа! but this one is licensed


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          Hehe nice gums


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            do anyone have the normal version this is just an upgrade or how do u intsall it


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              Is it english ?
              Your download link and demo expired. Plz give another link