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    i have installed autoindex ... but facing some issues. to make to left rather from center.
    2.its easily copying .mp4 from remote url but not .mp3

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    You will need to share your css and your file importer script.
    Also have you tried importing mp3's from a different site as it could be that the site you are trying to import from sites that have blocked referrer or user-agents with the name php in it.
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      I have attached. .

      just facing some issue.....
      edit option is visible to all users want to hide it ..

      just want to make to left from center..

      and remote url not working on mp3
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        On style.css - delete line 2:
        margin: 0px auto;

        As for the import of mp3's - I have looked in the script and could not see anything wrong with it, so I tested it out and it imported this mp3:

        It worked perfectly, which suggests that either you are trying to import from a protected site or the mp3 you are trying to import is too large.
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          thanks bro..might be free hosting or

          import time copying might be to increase that .?

          tell me one thing wap or wordpress which is good ?


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            You can check memory limits on phpinfo(); - like in the previous topic.

            You might be able to use this line inside of import.php:
            PHP Code:
            However I am guessing it is the free host blocking mp3 files. You maybe able to get around there block by renaming the files to a different extension and then changing it back again at time of download, but I should imagine if your host has blocked mp3's then doing this will only result in your account being suspended.

            I'm not sure what you mean by "tell me one thing wap or wordpress which is good ?" - Wap is "Wireless Application Protocol" and wordpress is a blogging script. Wap is pretty much dead these days so wordpress would win out of the 2


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              wapking scripts like autoindex ..

              wordpress is more easy than anything is it succesfull..