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    i am working for a script. I see that ffmpeg is not available in shared hosting. so i need to make a simple script with common functions. so its basically download base script. so i want to grab mp3 id3 tag from files with php code. i try to use getID3() script. but it is too big for me and there is a big bug. its create error_log file more then 2gb within 2minute and its increasing. so i try to make it simple as i need simple functions only. i want to show only a few info from a mp3 file. like this

    - File: Songs.mp3
    - Size: 24.5 Mb
    - File Info:
    - Channels: Joint stereo (Stereo)
    - Frequency: 22050 Hz
    - Bitrate: 32 kbps
    - Duration: 4:42 min
    - Artist: Singer S
    - Album: XYZ
    So i see that there i need [size] [Frequency] [Bitrate] [Duration] [Artist] [Album] functions. while i try to extract only needed code from i feel dizzy. so i am here to get help. can someone Do this for me?