Help Me In 404 Document not found error..

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  • Help Me In 404 Document not found error..

    i got these error on my site because of regular editing in my site.. nd user left my site... i want your help so i'll redirect my site user to my index page when they found this me......... pls pls

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    tnx 4 ur reply ... bt in my site .htaccess file is not found bt when i m trying to rebuild it say already exist....
    what to do...


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      Talk to your host, or re upload with an ftp service that allows rewriting


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        When Login to FileManager through Cpanel,
        check/mark "show hidden files"
        or use
        you'll surely find the .htaccess file


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          thank u frnds.... i solved my problem. by ur help... thanks

          Added after 2 minutes:

          many thanks to you ...FunPublic its my site.... thanks..
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            <a href="\mytube"> Youtube Videos </a> Search & Stream Videos On Mobile / PC<br/>
            <a href="\download/" > Downlad Gallery </a> Free Downloads Ringtone/Theme/Wallpaper etc<br/>
            <a href="\imagesrc"> Images </a> Search & Download Pictures In Many Size/Formats <br/>

            What can i see a error ??

            <a href=" not href="\


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              What U mean Subzero ..

              i didnt understand what u say... pls explain>..
              which error you talking about??