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  • script Krimos 0.2

    this is a revisit of an old script i made back in 2011, it's not based on any existing script.
    old thread:

    many bug fixes
    security fixes
    invite only is now optional
    owner/admin can now change user rank/username
    added russian language ( has 3 at the moment, serbian/russian and english )
    added random threads on the main page

    this is a very clean and simple php/mysql forum script, i want you guys to test it out and recommend features and report bugs/flaws
    you can test here:

    admin : admin123
    mod : mod123
    user : user123

    also, if you know russian let me know if i can improve the russian translation

    script requirements: php 5 up to 5.6, mysql 5

    and yeah, i know.. xhtml mobile profile is old, it's all about html5 responsive today :D i'm just nostalgic and it still looks great on modern phones
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