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i need ad popup clicker

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  • i need ad popup clicker

    hai any one help me for ad poup clicker for adgoi adzmedia ketads if yes then msg me i will pay what u want

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    You would probably need this: http://www.unphp.net/decode/82554c0d...8f28630663b86/ (or a newer version of this?)

    and then use a php string replacement to include: onload="this.click()" inside the the link to the advert

    then open a window containing a page that contains that advert eg:
    function sleep (time) {
        return new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, time));
     var  w = window.open("http://urlToAdvertPage", "w", "width=200,height=100");
    sleep(1000).then(() => { //adjust sleep time here in miliseconds    
    Good luck in not getting banned :P
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      bro can u help m how to do it any one help me i will pay for it ..i tried above code but error showing if any one rpovide correct popup work i will pay 30$
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