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  • Human verification captcha

    Hello, I want to add captcha before showing content of the page. If clicked successfully on the button then content of the page can be seen. I am using php made script. Can anyone please help to setup things?

    For example see the screenshot:

    After clicking on human verification button, all the content of the page can be seen.

    In this scenario, url of the page is not being changed. Like I open then captcha will show on and after clicking on verification button content shows on the same url

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    This code breaks that captcha you are requesting:
    There are better captcha scripts posted in the forum.
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      while searching captcha, lots of result came. Can you please provide me link where I can check better captcha and its setup?


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        Sorry I don't use captcha's so I have no idea which one is good in the forum. Probably best to go for one with an image.


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          Hello, Actually I don't want a captcha with image. I want just a button for "Human verification" see this screenshot
          When anyone clicks on this button he will see the content. No content will be shown before clicking. After clicking on :human verification" content should be shown.
          I want a php code for this type of captcha. I will use this code on my website. Please give me the code. Thanks


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            PHP Code:

            '<form method="POST">'
            .'<button name="captcha" value="1">Pointless Button</button>'
            'Main Content';

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              Sorry bro. I didn't work. It made a button but still all contents are shown. I want when people will click on the button after that they will see the content. All contents should be hidden beside button. Please help bro.


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                There was a slight error in the original php code but it would not effect it being shown next to it (I will edit it and fix it)
                However It sounds like you don't have php running (for it to display the main content next to the button) so I will give you it in javascript:
                <button id="captcha" onclick="document.getElementById('main').style.display='inline';'none';">Pointless Button</button>
                <div style="display: none;" id="main">
                    Main Content here