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  • Latest information about Nokia 9 PureView

    Nokia 9 PureView is a smartphone line that many users expect. And the highlight of this smartphone is nowhere else to be equipped with 5 lenses on the back of the device and great features on the device.
    Below is the article summarizing the latest information about Nokia 9 PureView.
    Appearance design
    How will the Nokia 9 PureView be equipped with up to 5 cameras after the camera. It seems that the smartphone is more equipped with more cameras is also quite popular now but Nokia 9 PureView has 5 sensors behind the camera also many users enjoy this equipment.
    And these 5 sensors and LED lights, additional sensors gave the back a big circle on top, giving the device a rather strange appearance for many users.
    The Nokia 9 PureView's back cover is also equipped with glass material to support quality wireless charging. The screen of Nokia 9 PureView also has a size of 5.99 inches, comes with 2K + resolution, supports HDR10, built-in ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below. This is quite impressive equipment and also said Nokia 9 PureView will be located in high-end smartphone segment.
    Photos that leaked also showed that Nokia 9 PureView has a glass-covered backside with beautifully curved 3D edges. The screen of the device is still not known will be flat LCD or OLED curved screen, but most likely Nokia 9 PureView will be equipped with OLED screen but many high-end smartphones today.
    When does the Nokia 9 PureView come out?
    The presentation time of Nokia 9 PureView is also something that many users are feeling curious about. The latest report shows that Nokia 9 PureView will be officially released around the end of January 2019.
    As for the name, in the past, most sources will confirm that the device will be called Nokia 9 but later some other news reported that HMD bought the PureView brand from Microsoft, so the last name The same of the device may be Nokia 9 PureView.
    Camera of the device
    Nokia 9 PureView as mentioned above will have up to 5 cameras with Zeiss brand in the back of the device, Zeiss is also the company that has patented the camera lens system of many Nokia smartphones.
    Nokia 9 PureView is capable of taking photos 10 times brighter than a regular Nokia device. Although there is no information about the quality of the following 5 cameras, the front camera has reported that the selfie camera will have a resolution of 21 MP, the aperture F / 1.8 for good shooting capability.
    About configuration
    Nokia 9 PureView is believed to be equipped with Snapdragon 845 chip, combined with 6 GB + ROM 128 GB RAM for smooth operation. At the same time, the device will also have a larger capacity version for users who need more storage.