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    Hello Everyone ,

    these days coding-talk is almost dud in script stuff old lavalair is still going on here while there is no new development of any new kind of script

    i propose one main script with login, registration, and admin dashboard for some quick stuff like site configure and user management

    we all work on that script fixing it making it usable and then anyone can take that script and build his/her own website for anything they want

    Ex 1 = if someone wants to make gallery they can download user management script make a gallery module for it and display it on main page while allowing logged in users to vote or like and owner can manage users from already made admin dashboard

    Ex 2 = if they want to use lavalair then that can import functions from lavalair update them to new code and create new secure lava based script

    what im saying is we all coder here make a script with index.php / login and registration / admin dashboard and keep it update from bugs and hacks

    then anyone who want to make their wap/website they use that script as base for extending

    this way they can learn easily aswell as coding-talk can get away from lavalair