Windows 9/10 Context Menu - Add New PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/XML/JAVA

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  • Windows 9/10 Context Menu - Add New PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/XML/JAVA

    In windows 9/10 adding new items to the context menu's seems to fail for the old methods for windows 7 etc.... Even the windows 10 instructions online didn't work for me.

    So after a little playing around I figured out if I add new items and then pointing them to the corresponding format it would work.

    Here is a screen shot:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	contextMenu.png Views:	1 Size:	37.0 KB ID:	154598

    Anyway I thought people may like the registry editor files, so you can quickly add them to your context menu

    To use: double click on the .reg and run the file for the file type you want in the context menu.

    Download: Windows Context Menu new file

    Edit: You may need to restart explorer for menu's to take effect although I didnt have to on my version of windows.
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