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    I wonder how far its been for Coding-talk since when coding was just about chatzone,lavalair, wml/xhtml for its users, From starting it seemed to me more like a origination hub of chat sites i mean u can find any chat script here their extensions and all, I wonder (well i wonder so many things 😅) its been around when facebook was developing and why fb got so much developed while our members just kept on fighting upon lavalair copyrights 😂😂..

    I m just sad for it that why we didnt developed, Still now it seems a dead place, Just those years old threads to read and nothing new... We left those java mobiles, started using androids, website creation has been much more advanced, bootstrap, codeignitor, django, seo aaah... Why coding-talk couldnt be developed??
    I love this forum so much... Too many stories from here, some friends and smthing to learn but i just feel hopeless... I dnt knw wht m saying, i m just drunk.. Its just wine 💙

    Can u all share about ur views about coding-talk amd scripts like lavalair from back those years??
    ​​​I will make a post on coding-talk on my personal blog cz if i after years i still wanna have these memories to remember of Coding-Talk with a tear of regret in my eye that i couldnt be a part of it in 2006...
    I love You people 😢

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    problem of lavalair being overused is that many many mods area created for it and people just keep using it but never try to fix it
    i know many guys here say dont fix it make new one its fast to make new one but if everyone here just for once choose one single lavascript like wapdesire or whatever it is and made a new thread to fix it slowly making it like php 7 and pdo mysqli using same sql n code then all lava sites gets updates this coding-talk keeps going i mean old lava got everything forums, chat, social stuff it just needs to be ported to new technology maybe new look or new framework anything because coding-talk is always a one stop of lavalair mods


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      I guess Facebook killed chats . +> no chats _> no lava -> no interest in development


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        Made This Layout For Wapdesire v1 Home Page :P

        Click image for larger version

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