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  • how to increase traffic

    Hello coding talk.

    I need some help to know how to boost link position/ranking in google. i have a downloading website where i have huge data and i want to target keywords in google for ex: any song name like "Dil De Kareeb" OR "Dil De Kareeb Garry Sandhu" when any user go for these keywords i want my site top in the google. can any one please suggest me how do i do this.

    Please Note building backlinks are not working right now because many of other website's owner doing some tricky way to get the higher rank in google please do share with me, i can also pay for this trick if someone know this.

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    ways to get more traffic from google

    1. use paid domains only = .com .net and others

    2. start using ssl https:// because google penalized mostly http:// sites these days got lowered in ranks

    3. use right keywords to rank better using different keywords from site content makes rank go low

    4. pray to god that you get visitors