Web Development tools with noSQL DOM tree database

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  • Web Development tools with noSQL DOM tree database

    I am an author of Web Development tools built around noSQL DOM tree database core. The tools include Single Page Application platform, Web UI widget library, graphing with more features under development. I was able to solve underlying algorithm of noSQL document store database last month and now working on expanding the feature list and writing API manuals. I would be happy to partner up with anyone wishing to further develop this platform. I believe this technology may pose competition to well established Web UI/UX dev tools when fully matured.

    More information about my invention at http://js2dx.com


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    Glad to know about yourself that you are developer. However, what's the cost for making an eCommerce website?


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      2DX is a Web UI database cluster framework. A lot of development progress has been made since my last post. I am keen on finding an investor or a sponsor to help me further advance this technology. It is not a wholly complete product yet but I hope that 2017 will be the year when 2DX becomes a complete, commercially viable product. I would be happy to consider implementing 2DX in a real production environment.



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        Major updates to http://js2dx.com, now complete with online JS database browser and documentation.