Beware internet users before investing money for mobile/pc site

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  • Beware internet users before investing money for mobile/pc site

    Hello friends,

    Do you need script created by SkyiTech. He cheated many internet users and earned a lot.
    I just want to clarify some facts, basically for those persons who wants to get script of skyitech and does not have idea about internet fraud.

    He just need 20,000 to create a site from internet user which does not have proper idea about creating sites/persons,

    Facts about script spam;

    1. The script having many errors.

    2. Script craches every month after that you will be unable to login you own site, then skyitech does not provide support. He will behave like king, either disconnect your call or does not pick up, He will blame you or your hosting provides. Nonsense skyitech.

    3. Script provided will be of very low ranking in google, having many errors, but his group sites having good script but he will not provide it you, he will just give you a very very cheap script.

    4. He promises to give support lifetime like a foolish. He will ask for money like a beggar but after getting money he will behave like king and you will feel that you got cheated.

    My advice for persons who want site scripts:-

    Dear users please search in this forum for autoindex script, you will get it free of cost and never crashes.

    So decision is in you hand, my information is 100% true.

    Think once again when giving money to a Big internet fraud SkyiTech.

    Thanks to all readers.

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    Thanks friend its very bad


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      you can try my created scripts;

      created in codeigniter framework..


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        Originally posted by mobihot View Post
        Thanks friend its very bad
        Did you already try this?