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Cheap Hosting

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  • Cheap Hosting

    $1 for unlimited space shared.

    $3 for unlimited space resellers.

    $5 for unlimited space Master resellers.

    Cheap cheap cheap going out of this world to give you cheap hosting.

    Remember to read our terms of use

    once you sign up we can not or can't really give you unlimited space.

    Also We can't not be up 24/7 we will have 40.91% uptime.

    or if you script looks good to take will we do have the rights to steal as we giving you crap service's

    As you will notice we will put you on one server with others that also fighting for space and server resonances but we can't guaranteed the uptime and scripts stealing or faking cpanel being hacked trick.

    You must agreed to this terms of use or we will delete you at any time of the day.

    Yes we here to make quick buk for nothing ....


    Remember what i said nothing cheap means they are good or they just like to rip or just plan idiots

    1. How long you think they will last.
    2. How long the server will stay up?.
    3. How long do you think your scripts will last being unique.

    Well this is where you think doing services like this think before you start hosting a site.

    Remember nothing is for free or good to be true .

    Scam artist do things like this just to do being a scam,

    You may notice that i only put so much space and b/w and price is high but still in good cheap.

    As 1 thing i do not oversell my hosting.

    Once i hit 300 on a 50 GB plan i stop and make a new server for other so the server load is normal and you will have 50 GB to play with...

    Being a hoster is good. Being a scam artist is not good.

    Most of this guys that offer this plans do not know that they can goto jail for doing what they know best scamming.

    Most of them know.

    Btw happy new year as its 1:30 AM in Australia