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  • Hosting Blacklist

    <span style='font-family: "Century Gothic"'>Blacklist of HOSTING PROVIDERS</span>

    Add here all hosting providers you had a bad experience with!

    they promise you unlimited traffic, you have to pay for a yearly for the hosting package, but after 3 month of hosting the have suspended my account because i had about 6gb traffic a day.

    same thing you pay yearly for hosting package, they promised unlimited traffic, and after 4 month they suspended my hosting account.


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    ooh dat sux big time. so where can i find a good host that will give me no bull****? Please help gums i need to get my site hosted asap


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      http://hostindia.net has suspended my account because there were too many users online on my site.
      Before they promised me providing unlimited data transfer.

      Really they are cheaters, please don&#39;t belive them


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        www.t35.com f-t-p bad problems almost al scripts dont work also try to del not working bad site to work on


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          http://streamline.net server is easily hacked and they do nothing about it. They have gave my credit card details to the hacker, and im now stuck with a ?1200 bill to try and sort out.


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            im hosted with streamline not had any problems


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              http://joui.net your account be suspend and all your scripts be copy and delete


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                http://1500mb.com is down almost every day


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                  http://wickedwap.com or http://wickedwap.org owned by Rich Jarvis...offers a pretty package but then hacks ya site and sells it onto someone else like he did with mine!!!


                  • #10
                    1 week support request wait
                    Easily hacked
                    STEALS UR MONEY
                    the list goes on


                    • #11
                      amazingwebdesigns.org.uk he is a bad guy

                      also dont host with him!


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                        I just want to warn you before you host your site at cirtexhosting.com

                        I host my video site at cirtexhosting for 2 month, most of time my site is down, their firewall even banned my ip few times. It takes minutes to load the site index. For all the time i have my site at cirtexhosting i have 0 new users, probably because its difficult to access it.

                        And today i received an email from them:

                        Your account has been suspended for overloading the server in shared environment. Basically, you were using in excess of the allowed CPU or MEMORY limits as per the terms of service you agreed to upon sign up. This is a SHARED environment, all sites must abide by the rules to keep that environment running quickly.

                        We require that you take action to reduce the usage of CPU and/or memory. You will need to reply to this email to have us unsuspend your account. If the problem continues you will be required to move to a semi-dedicated, VPS, or dedicated server.[/b]
                        it must be a joke because a site with no visitors cant use so many server resources.

                        I just want to warn you before you decide yourself to host with them, cirtexhosting is the worst hosting service I ever hosted at.


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                          should allways read reviews about hosting on sites like http://webhostingtalk.com and http://forums.digitalpoint.com that can help with finding the good hosts and the bad ones


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                            here the fun part lol

                            i was playin around searchin

                            in google type "exceeded cpu quota"

                            pmpl do not host on bluehost >> http://www.crazypenguin.us/images/bluehost...ror70static.png


                            i know i own my own servers but just a warning


                            • #15
                              freehostia.com (free service)
                              they alweys block my account one time a day because high cpu usage.