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  • need help in session

    hello everyone i need help in session setup

    currently if i want to use session i have two ways

    PHP Code:
    $sid_id = isset($_GET['sid_id']) ? $_GET['sid_id'] : '';

    $sid_id = isset($_SESSION['sid_id']) ? $_SESSION['sid_id'] : ''
    but on old w8u and gumchat there is session that i linked with both by gumslone i cannot figure out how ??

    thing i want to do similar is that setup url sid = sid_id and also setup session = sid_id

    then if user is logged in but url is not having sid_id it checks from session and give url that sid_id but wasnt able to figure out how to do that

    hoping someone will help me out with this feature

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    Do you mean like this:
    PHP Code:
    $sid_id = (isset($_GET['sid_id']) ? $_GET['sid_id'] : (isset($_SESSION['sid_id']) ? $_SESSION['sid_id'] : '')); 
    I wouldn't use it, as it defeats the point of using a SESSION if someone can edit the session id via url.


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      i will try cookie instead of session to see if it works